The Need

Last year, North Carolina’s mental health budget was cut by $155 with the loss of more than 350 jobs in state hospitals. Without a public outcry, deep cuts are coming once again this year, and stories like those below will only multiply.


Marsha, a single mother who suffers from depression and bipolar disorder as well as being disabled from an auto accident. One of her three daughters also has multiple disabilities.The family lives off $597 in disability benefits each month. “Every day is a constant terrible struggle to me.  Where we live is a very small town and very rural with very little to offer in the job market.  I am literally alone in every aspect of my life. ”

“Each month we skip one thing to pay another, then the next month I have to pay the bills again the same way, paying one while putting off another and that is my miserable existence. We have no food hardly at all in the house and unless something gives a little, we will literally go hungry and that is how it goes every month.

“Also my daughters all are in dire need of clothes and supplies for going back to school, and also our car is in DIRE need of brakes, rotors, tires, and alighnment as well as an inspection sticker (ran out in July).  I know I ask for a lot but believe me; ten dollars to me right now would be like a thousand.  I have zero!!! I know that you may find this hard to believe but so help me God, I have nothing.  Not a dollar do I have to my name, and I pray to God that you will and can help us.


“I’m hoping you may be able to help me.  I’m trying to learn how I can help my 43 year old brother get the help he needs for his major depressive disorder.  He has no insurance, and has recently attempted suicide on two separate occasions, in which the last attempt landed him in ICU for a week .  He goes to inpatient psyche, only to be kept there about 3 days each visit, given a different pill each time, and then basically thrown back to the wolves.  What can I do?  Do you know who I can contact or what channels I need to cross to get him the help he deserves?  I’m scared to death that I’m going to receive that dreaded phone call the next time telling me he succeeded.”


“I am in Chapel Hill NC, the womens Shelter. My time has run out and I looked for shelter’s every where. I have no addiction, and my children are in foster care, I need a place to stay for a little while while I’m looking for work and an apt. I need to keep up with my depression, this is court order. I just need a little time to get myself together, it’s been hard to be looking for work, I’ve put in over 100 application for work and only got 1 interview, in the past 2 months.”