thereisnoAnd so it is with the chapter of my life that was North Carolina Mental Hope. Having more or less closed shop several years back, this May 6, 2015, postscript is added as a bit of closure for me personally and so that visitors who might stumble upon the site will know it is no longer a viable organization. The site's being kept online as a museum of sorts, a glimpse into the mayhem that was – and as of this point in time, still is – North Carolina's mental health system, an oxymoron that has no equal in the English language.

While involved with several nonprofits, it is the fund established to honor my late wife with which I'm most involved. I encourage you to visit its website at and Facebook page at and learn more about her and the many ripples of good she started, ripples that are still expanding and lap against me fairly often. And if so moved, I invite you to honor the legacy of  a wonderful, remarkable woman by liking her Facebook page and making a contribution to help perpetuate the ripples she began. – David Cornwell



Compensation for state-enforced sterilization: Money won’t be enough

Raped and pregnant at age 13, orphaned by a runaway father and a mother in prison, Elaine Riddick already had many strikes against her when it was time for her son Tony to be born.

But worse was yet to come. Judged “feeble minded” and “promiscuous” by the North Carolina eugenics board, Riddick was sterilized against her will by the doctors who delivered her baby in tiny Winfall, N.C. Story continues here >>>

Monteith Place residents reject mental hospital plan

Give the residents of Huntersville’s Monteith Place credit. In this age of political correctness and inclusiveness, they did not hide behind intangibles or generic descriptions in voicing their opposition to Carolinas Healthcare System’s plans to build a behavioral health hospital adjacent to their subdivision. Story continues here >>>

Fayetteville hospital gets reprieve

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A Fayetteville hospital has been granted a last-minute reprieve by federal regulators, who were set to cut off funding following two patient deaths. Story continues here >>>

Mental health advocate named to subcommittee

Laurie Coker’s reputation as a persistent, passionate local advocate for behavioral-health issues, including making numerous trips to the General Assembly, has caught the eye of legislators. Coker has been appointed to a 24-member subcommittee focused on governance of local management entities, which oversee behavioral-health providers and services. She is director of the N.C. Consumer Advocacy, Networking and Support Organization. Story continues here >>>

Study shows more disabled kids sent out-of-state

RALEIGH, N.C. — An advocacy group for people with disabilities is calling on North Carolina officials to better care for children who have both a mental illness and developmental disability, hundreds of whom have been sent to live in facilities outside the state because of a lack of adequate resources closer to home. Story continues here >>>

Troubled assisted living center in Wake Forest gets reprieve – Raleigh News & Observer

RALEIGH — An assisted living center in Wake Forest won a temporary reprieve from a judge today that allows the 80-bed center to postpone a shutdown and move of all resident Story continues here >>>