thereisnoAnd so it is with the chapter of my life that was North Carolina Mental Hope. Having more or less closed shop several years back, this May 6, 2015, postscript is added as a bit of closure for me personally and so that visitors who might stumble upon the site will know it is no longer a viable organization. The site's being kept online as a museum of sorts, a glimpse into the mayhem that was – and as of this point in time, still is – North Carolina's mental health system, an oxymoron that has no equal in the English language.

While involved with several nonprofits, it is the fund established to honor my late wife with which I'm most involved. I encourage you to visit its website at and Facebook page at and learn more about her and the many ripples of good she started, ripples that are still expanding and lap against me fairly often. And if so moved, I invite you to honor the legacy of  a wonderful, remarkable woman by liking her Facebook page and making a contribution to help perpetuate the ripples she began. – David Cornwell



CenterPoint begins hiring for 89 new jobs | Winston-Salem Journal

CenterPoint Human Services has started hiring an additional 89 employees in a pivotal workforce expansion as it transitions to a new status overseeing behavioral health services. Story continues here >>>

Outgoing DHHS chief: Politics led to frustration :

RALEIGH, N.C. — Lanier Cansler stepped down Tuesday as secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, saying that he expects the frustration of running the state’s largest agency to increase in an election year. Story continues here >>>

National NAACP president All eyes on North Carolina

DURHAM – Benjamin Todd Jealous, national president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, stopped by the Bull City on Saturday to rally support for the “Historic Thousands on Jones Street” agenda ahead of the civil rights-focused march next month in Raleigh. Story continues here >>>

Sister apologizes for death row inmate’s newspaper rant :

RALEIGH, N.C. — The sister of a death row inmate is apologizing for a letter her brother recently wrote to his hometown newspaper in which he boasted of being “a gentleman of leisure” who spends his days in prison napping, watching TV and eating three meals a day. Story continues here >>>

Mental Health Stigmas Still Around, But There’s Help In The Piedmont

Greensboro, NC — A local man was still undergoing a psychological evaluation Wednesday after he spent more than 14 hours in a standoff with police earlier in the week. Story continues here >>>

Are some foster kids over-medicated?

HICKORY — In the grocery store, a child goes through the produce isle picking up items and biting into them. When mom tries to stop him, he takes a bite out of her. Meanwhile, the child has managed to get the attention of shoppers and workers alike. Story continues here >>>