LOC 10/11/11

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee On Health & Human Services – October 11, 2011

Note: To listen to particular segments of committee meeting, click the links below. The audio from the afternoon session may also be listened to in its entirety here or downloaded here.

Overview of the B-C Waiver – Description, Purpose – Dr. Pat Porter – Not Recorded

Review of “Statewide Expansion of the B-C Waiver” Legislation - Shawn Parker and Janice Paul, Research Staff

Additional introductory comments about the implementation of the statewide B-C expansion / Presentation of the Strategic Plan for the Statewide Expansion of the B-C Medicaid Waiver - Beth Melcher, PhD, Assistant Secretary for MH/DD/SAS Development, DHHS

Update on the changes to the CAP-MR/DD Waiver due to the renewal process - Steve Jordan, Director, DMH/DD/SAS, DHHS

Governance Issues related to expansion or the B-C Waiver and proposed process for addressing these issues - Michael Watson, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Secretary for Health Services

Budget Update - Secretary Lanier Cansler, DHHS