Budget Alert 4/4/11


April 14, 2011

INFORMATION (and see Action Steps at bottom)

The Coalition’s top priority is to maintain services to people with addictive diseases, developmental disabilities and mental illness.

The House Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee released its budget this week – both numbers and special provisions.  We are analyzing the special provisions.

While there are many items in the House HHS Appropriations budget proposal that has been released, The Coalition leadership has identified the items below as particularly important for persons with addictive diseases, developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Please see the action steps below – and take action.



Div of MH/D/SA                                             2011-2012                2012-2013

Community Funding except residential       $20M                          $20M

These are actual service cuts

These are state dollars

This hits DD disproportionately


Reduce Division Flexibility Funds                   $7.1M


Swap Fund Balance with state

Service funds                                                $25M

This is not new money, just

a swap of general fund money


Reduce LME Administration                          $10M                          $20M


Division of Medical Assistance


Adjust provider rates – a 2% cut                    $50M                          $42M

Hurts service provision

There are other reductions in the budget that are to be achieved through saving money.  While these are not in the area of mh/dd/sa, it is crucial to note that if other reductions don’t hit their targets then more mh/dd/sa dollars could be in jeopardy.  For example, CCNC is slated to save $80M.



  1. Message to House HHS Appropriations Chairs:  We appreciate your effort to protect the developmental disabilities, mental health and substance abuse system.
  1. Message to all HHS Committee Members, including the Chairs:
  1. Please avoid cuts to services  – restore the $20M in cuts to

Services for people with mental illness, developmental disabilities and addictive diseases.

  1. Please make sure there aren’t any further cuts to services


Help them understand that these cuts hurt their citizens.  Tell your story of the impact of loss of services.

Encourage legislators to put money back into services as the top priority.  And, we also need to avoid cuts getting deeper as the budget process progresses.

Click on the link below to get to each person’s listing on the General Assembly website.  It will give you their legislative phone number, address, and e-mail address for making contact.  If you are in their district we also urge you to contact them at home.

Chairman  Rep. Burr

Chairman  Rep. Dollar

Vice Chairman  Rep. Brisson

Vice Chairman  Rep. Hollo

Vice Chairman  Rep. Murry

Members  Rep. Current, Rep. Earle, Rep. Farmer-Butterfield, Rep. Hurley, Rep. Insko, Rep. Jones, Rep. Parfitt