TMC looks to add psychiatric beds |

Officials with Thomasville Medical Center say they need more room for psychiatric patients and have submitted an application for the state’s approval to do so.

Scott Southard, the program director of TMC’s Geriatric Behavioral Health, said the hospital recently began a certificate of need review with the Division of Health Service Review, part of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services. If the state determines the need is substantiated, the hospital will likely receive approval in a few months.

Southard said the hospital is looking to convert 10 acute care (regular) hospital beds on the hospital’s fourth floor, where the Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit is, into seven psychiatric care beds in an expansion of the GBH department. He said the hospital has the support of PBH (formerly Piedmont Behavioral Healthcare), the local management entity for the county’s mental health patients.

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