The state and the liquor cabinet – Other Views –

By getting cronyism out of the lucrative liquor business, North Carolina will be on the right path to rid itself of another aspect of the culture of corruption while focusing on long-term goals such as improving our failing infrastructure and the mental health system.

CHARLOTTE — Just recently, in reference to recent Alcoholic Beverage Control system scandals, Gov. Bev Perdue said “Who would have thought this kind of stuff is going on?”

It’s troubling that the governor, a former ABC board member herself and a 22-year veteran of state government, had no idea these problems existed. Even so, the governor has released statements saying that she would like to reform the ABC system by banning gifts to the 163 local ABC boards across the state, and she has installed a new alcohol chief at the state level. The governor’s error is that she wants even more government influence to fix the state-run liquor business, when the government selling liquor is itself the problem.

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