Motive key to Wong defense | The Mountaineer

A clinical neuropsychologist has evaluated Wong, will testify that his ability to make decisions has been “compromised by a history of brain injury and drug abuse

NEWTON — With Edwardo Wong Jr.’s life at stake, defense attorney Mark Melrose told jurors Friday the question at the crux of his case is not a matter of “who done it?” There’s no question Wong shot and killed N.C. Trooper Shawn Blanton on the side of Interstate 40 the night of June 17, 2008, Melrose said. The job of jurors for coming weeks will be to determine if it was premeditated and deliberated.  Opening arguments in the case against Wong were heard Friday in Catawba County Superior Court, beginning with the state. Wong is on trial for his life, accused of a string of serious charges stemming from the roadside killing of a highway

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