Legislators discuss priorities for 2010 | priorities, session, assembly – Top News – Burlington Times News

Alamance-Caswell Local Management Entity issues also discussed.

The short session of the General Assembly won’t begin until May 12, but now that the calendar has flipped into 2010, it seemed like a good time to ask Alamance County’s legislative delegation about their priorities when they return to Raleigh.

ALICE BORDSEN, a Democrat who represents House District 63, a boot-shaped swath of northeastern and central Alamance County, said she will work on legislation to end the shackling of children “with severe mental health” illnesses at court hearings in Alamance County and other parts of the state. The shackling is done at the discretion of judicial districts but isn’t done to adults suffering from the same illnesses, Bordsen said. “It is common enough that we need to have a statewide policy,” she said. “For children who are already not well, this is probably about the most injurious approach one might take.”

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